Home on the Mountain #1- Gettin’ to Know ya.

by Ashleigh Barrett

ash 1My name is Ashleigh Barrett, wife of Justin (Sugar) from Barrett Mountain Border Collie.

ash 2We have been married almost two years and loving the life God has given us.

ash 3Who am I? (short version) Fur mom of 3, entrepreneur, and ministry worker.

ash 4Living on Barrett Mountain has been a new but familiar experience so far. Yes that sounds odd, but let me explain.

ash 5I grew up with my family living within a 5 mile radius of me (we call it Millerville). Justin’s family is similar, only they call it Barrett Mountain. The easiest way to explain is like The Walton’s only we live in separate houses.

ash 6Every day is a new adventure. Rogue sheep, playful puppies, and some things you just don’t see in the city.ash 7Through giggles and tears, Home on the Mountain is a great life to live!