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Barrett Mountain BC YouTube Channel

Posted on YouTube we have some BMBC produced shows as well as clips or full runs from trials or just from training sessions as well.

Soon, we may create a several part training video series. That will be on our YouTube Channel as well.

This Week’s featured video- SK Spice Winning run in Fort Worth

       BMBC Original Podcasts

Podcast photo presents the “Stock Dog Philosophies Podcast” hosted by Ty “Spanky” Barrett. Ty is a 3 time USBCHA National qualifier and handler of an OSDA Open Ranch Dog of the Year winner. He guides listeners through the philosophies that led his training and trialing ventures and how exactly he came about these philosophies in a way that can be helpful to both beginners and experts. In each episode Ty also talks with some other handler or trainer, of varied levels, to hear the philosophies and moments that shape their time with these dogs. Be sure to check this out on Spotify or the anchor podcasts app


More to come ?