YouTube Channel

Barrett Mountain BC YouTube Channel

Posted on YouTube we have some BMBC produced shows as well as clips or full runs from trials or just from training sessions as well.

Soon, we may create a several part training video series. That will be on our YouTube Channel as well.

This Week’s featured video- SK Spice Winning run in Fort Worth

BMBC Produced Shows

BMBC is currently producing a show entitled “We Herd Ya: Barrett Mountain.” the preview episode in on YouTube currently on our channel there. WHY: BM preview

***WHY:BM ep.1 currently being edited, will be out in the coming weeks***

BMBC is working on producing training and trialing videos as well. Expected to be out late 2019.

       BMBC Original Podcasts

Our Podcasts and lessons (when we get to those) will be hosted on our Patreon Page. with the latest episodes being on here as well. We have podcasts currently, the “Sugar and Spanky Podcast“, the “All Dog Podcast starring Buford Barrett“, and Spanky’s “Just Bear With Me Podcast.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Go check it out! BMBC’s “Sugar and Spanky” podcast is out now! New episodes weekly.sS logo Latest Episode- Season 2 Episode 4- “NAME THAT SOUND”

BMBC Contributor and analyst Buford Barrett joins the boys today in an episode all about dogs and weird noises. Buford tells some dog stories over the years before Ashleigh joins in with a game of odd noises.


More to come ?