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    The Universal Design for Learning article that I looked into was written by Rogers-Shaw, Carr-Chellman, and Choi. The article discusses how UDL works with adult learning. It also places a large emphasis on creating things more accessible and easier for all students, and not just making accomodations or adjustments to a lesson when a problem… Continue reading Week 5 Blog EDUC 5313
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    Chapter 4 of How People Learn II is about the mental processes that help people learn. This chapter dives into both memory and how learning is aligned and orchestrated. One’s memory is key to how learning works. The reading describes ways that we associate and learn through several different ways with our memories. Those methods… Continue reading Week 3 Blog EDUC 5313 Ty Barrett-


Hello class, 

My name is Ty Barrett and I am from Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  I am 25 years old and am from Sapulpa, Oklahoma, which is where I currently teach at as well. I teach at the junior high, this year teaching 8th grade US History (last year I taught 9th grade government as well). I also coach a couple of different sports, tennis and wrestling. I competed in both those sports when I was in high school and the school even still has a large banner of me wrestling hanging up in our gym. I received my undergraduate degree in history from the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2020. 

On September 9th of this year I married my amazing wife Kaylyn and then we went on our honeymoon to Charleston, South Carolina, which was an especially fun city for me as a history nerd. I also have a fairly unique hobby as I train border collies to herd sheep and cattle and compete with them across the country. In 2021 I qualified and ran in both the USBCHA Sheep and Cattle Dog National Championships. I made the front page of several papers with my dog Kara in Virginia at the sheepdog finals. I am excited to use technology in this class and learn ways to become  more tech friendly for the classes I teach since my school is a 1:1 technology school.