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Home on the Mountain Blog #2

Cindy Barrett

hotm 2 pic

Barrett Mountain Border Collies – now that’s a story worth telling.

Once upon a time about 28 years ago,  a country girl met a country/hillbilly/redneck boy.  What that country girl didn’t realize was that she wasn’t really country until she met the Barretts!! The road leading to Barrett Mountain is alot like living on Barrett Mountain. It’s rough, bumpy, and sometimes muddy but once you are there it’s worth it.  Living on Barrett Mountain reminds me of Blake Shelton’s song “Man I lived it” and Scotty McCreery’s song “Five More Minutes”. I’m living it, loving it, and thanking God for his blessings! I’ve got a lot of stories to share about our journey to the mountain. In my next post, I’ll be sharing the origin of Barrett Mountain.